Beachy Waves in 5 Minutes!

Working in the modeling industry means having to use my curling iron ALOT.

Which means hello damaged ends!

If it were up to me, I would never get trims....I fight my hair dresser every time.

Full on boxing gloves... right Kristen!?

So, on days I don't work I like to make sure I am damaging my hair as less as possible!

Here is my favorite go to hairstyle that requires 5 minutes of your time and keeps your hair away from those pesky heat tools!

Start with a French Braid

I did mine in the morning, but sleeping in it works even better!

Scrunch you Ends

Get your hands wet with water and scrunch in an upward motion creating natural waves

Blow Dry the Ends

Lightly blow dry the ends while continuing to scrunch your hair upward until dry

& You're Done!


Part your hair in the middle when you braid your hair so when you take it out and part it to the side, it gives you more volume!

What are some of your go- to hair secrets?!