5 Simple Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle

5 Simple Tips For A Healthy Lifestyle- Morning Lavender Feature

Bikinis are everywhere right now - in your favorite stores and online shops and you can’t help but feel a little guilty about eating that ice cream sundae last night (but #treatyoself). I was super nervous when I did my own bikini shoot for Morning Lavender so I feel ya! Summer is here, and I’m more than excited to share my tips on how to get bikini ready by incorporating small and simple healthy habits into your daily routine!  

When you love your body, your body will love you back.

Get ready to “have your cake(kale), and eat it too”!

#1 Eat a Healthy Breakfast!  

Start with a healthy breakfast! - Fuel your body, don't just feed it! Breakfast energizes you for the day, starts off your metabolism and motivates you for a healthier rest of the day!

Bonus Tip! Stay far from sugary, processed foods or it will make you crash in energy. Also, if you are drinking juice in the morning, I don’t recommend drinking any store-bought juices because they are high in sugar and additives.

What I am loving right now: Overnight chia seed oats or avocado toast with poached egg 



#2 Get your workout on!

Incorporate a workout for at least 20 minutes (a little goes a long way!) in your day to get your heart and lungs pumping and your muscles moving. This will give your body the necessary movement it needs for those long sedentary work days! It also clears your mind, stimulates circulation, keeps your skin healthy and vibrant, helps prevent disease, and releases endorphins into your system increasing positivity, boosting energy, reducing stress, and keeping you fit!

Bonus Tip! My favorite way to exercise is by joining a class (like barre or spin) or get outside by incorporating cardio in a stair run, fast paced walk, or jog on the beach!

What I am loving right now: I love working out first thing in the mornings before work to jumpstart my day. I also make sure to walk around throughout the day to keep my body's blood flow circulating!

#3 Stay Hydrated

This doesn't just include drinking 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water but it also means drinking less caffeine! *gasp* one coffee a day can be a comforting and energizing habit but having two is when you start shocking your adrenals causing them to work harder which revs anxiety and causes dehydration, which can lead to headaches!

What I am loving right now: green tea (try Guayaki tea for a higher dose of caffeine)

Pink Water Bottle

#4 Get proper sleep!

Your body and mind work so hard during the day, and use sleep for repairing! Give it some well-earned rest. Not to mention, you burn calories when you sleep! Say what!?

Bonus Tip: If you’re hungry before bed, have a snack that is high in protein so you are supporting your adrenals since they are wiped out from the carbs that turned into sugar throughout the day! This will help you sleep better throughout the night! (try: almond butter and celery!)

What I am loving right now: Diffusing 100% pure grade lavender oil, stretching before bed, and going to bed at a decent time.


#5 Feed your soul
This is extremely vital for your health! We find ourselves “adulting;” stuck in a fast-paced society that is more loud and complex than ever. Finding time for self-care will in turn feed your mental health meter keeping up your immune system and overall, leave you refreshed. This is where you find what relaxes you best! It could be cuddling with your dog, spending time with a community of positive uplifting people, meditation, prayer, dancing or singing, taking a brisk walk, or maybe even sitting in complete silence.

What I am loving right now: I love setting my phone in the other room and spending time with my husband. I also love stretching and taking walks around our neighborhood with a warm cup of tea.