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My Summer Beach Must-Haves!

Summer is comin in HOT!

And I am starting it with 3 cleanses.

A closet cleanse.

A body cleanse.

& a wallet cleanse.....ooops.

This is one of the best things to start out summer out with...why?!

Fresh starts are always the BEST! Right?!

I am sharing with you my newest summer must-haves that get me ready for beach days ahead and made it easy to shop at the bottom!

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Natural Deoderant That You Will Love- Primally Pure!

You could say that natural is kinda my thing.

Ok. Its REALLY my thing.

And it's no secret that "Secret" deodorant is no friend when it comes to the health world.

So opening my cosmetic shelf and seeing my "Secret" deodorant stare at my with seductive eyes...I knew I had to toss it and look the other way. and FAST.


Itchy. not strong enough. smells too natural. burns. doesnt last. You name it.


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Delicious Scented Hair Wash made Simple- Unwash!


It's really as simple as that.

Unwash offers an array of products that make like much simpler.

No need for shampoo and conditioner- when you can have both in ONE with their Bio-cleansing Conditioner! No parabens and no sulfates. Just simply, delicious smelling love.

I have to thank Ulta Beauty for sharing a sample with me that created this new found love with Unwashed products!

Scroll to learn more about what products I tried!

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