Morning Lavender- Big Bear


Seasons are the best! I mean, who am I to say that...I live in Southern California. However, we are hours away from Big Bear enabling us to satisfy that need for cold weather change.

Or an excuse to throw on our new boots and scarves!

I'm normally rooting for winter to come around. Christmas music blasting, snowball fights and hot cocoa wrapped in blankets and sitting by a fire. 
However this time around, I fell for fall. Hard.
Seeing streets and pathways lined with vibrant green, red, yellow and orange trees with blankets of remnants fallen underneath onto pavements was like walking into a fairytale. It made the cold weather even cozier to see the beauty in the transition of seasons!

God, ya did it again. 

My favorite part of visiting Big Bear are the activities that encompass the mountains such as hiking, walking around town, lounging, going to dinner and getting extra cozy ...and along with that comes multiple outfit changes. 
Yes, Aaron, my suitcase does need to be that heavy. 
I stocked up on some of my favorites from Morning Lavender's fall collection to make sure I covered all my bases, style! 



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Photography by Aaron Krempasky 💕