-Northern Arizona-

 I would go back in a heartbeat.

Of course I had the best tour guide having Aaron been a local for four years! 

I could replay instants where you stare at the grand canyon for hours, walk home dancing in the rain, meet strangers whos first impressions were similar to an elephant standing in a room, pretend like your a student and take the bus around campus, eat the best pizza with the most unique toppings, laugh at Aarons reaction as I pushed through a book shelf he didn't know existed, go on insane hikes and get lost driving in the woods, experience what it feels like to not have a Starbucks on every corner (or even one),sit in a car for 20 hours over a period of 3 days, wake up to go on cold walks where your breathe looks equivalent to the coffee steaming in your cup, see wild animals as you walk into a restaurant, wear clothes to actually compliment WEATHER, and get off the grid to a simpler town.....100 times.

I would highly recommend Northern Arizona!

Britney Egner