Yosemite| Tahoe | Mammoth

I love camping. Especially when there is hiking, millions of stars to gaze upon, clean bathrooms, access to a Jacuzzi, comfy beds, room service,...well that escalated quickly. I prefer hotels. Although, this yurt was an experience I will never forget. Yes, I said yurt. What is it? RAD. Its like camping and a house mixed together...in other words, its doable for someone like me! You get the camping feel with accessible running water and comfy beds! Even a ceiling fan to cool you off when it gets to 90 degrees! It was a win/win!


Hello Tahoe and hello HOTEL! Greeted with a goodie bag and fresh. clean. sheets! But didn't lose the fishing, kayaking, hiking, boating, and shops! If you haven't been to Lake Tahoe, add it to your bucket list! They had activities galore and every restaurant visited, was amazing...except Rubio's which is odd because its one of my favorite quick stops at home!

On our way to Mammoth, we stopped a few spots to make sure a line or two got thrown in the water. Safe to say we left with the bacon...well fish. Were havin' fish tonight! Does anyone else think of Bruce the shark in the movie Nemo when they read that?! No? I watch to much Disney movies.


In some spare time, we crossed paths with a small outside market with a man that knew how to sell those wine toppers! We grabbed a few strictly because of his passion for them! Plus, now we have an excuse to pop a few open....oops.

Battered fish with craw fish butter sauce. It was insane.

In the middle of August. It was my only request to hike to a glacier!


August 2016