College Semester Success- Tips on how I managed to power through!

Here we go again! Another semester full of endless amounts of coffee, headaches and loss of sleep...well its not all that bad! Unless you are fighting off 100 other people for a parking spot, or realize you forgot it was test day...yikes.

Over the years I have managed to find my niche on how to make the semester doable and work in my favor. School has never been my favorite thing to take on, but I've learned to make it my thing. Even at 6 am wake up calls!

I am going to share with you, my keys to a successful school semester. Your job as a student is to grab what inspires you and make it work in your favor!


Step One: MAKE YOUR BED. This might sound silly, but it starts your day of with a spike of productivity and encourages an efficient day!

Step Two: BUY A NEW BACKPACK. I could be alone on this one, but nothing says bright new semester than a new accessory that I will use daily!

Step Three: INVEST IN A PLANNER. Best decision I ever did make. My favorite planner so far is this Bando planner!

Step Three: BE PREPARED WITH WATER AND SNACKS! I recommend packing healthy snacks that fuel your body like apple slices, rice cakes, seaweed, nuts, jerky sticks (grass fed/gluten free/ antibiotic free Chomps snack sticks are great!) and fresh or dehydrated veggies . Stray away from your typical sugary snacks and drinks (you want full potential out of that brain!).

Step Four: PACK YOUR BAG RIGHT! Being prepared with a mini extra deodorant, chap stick, and hand sanitizer (Touching doors, desks and elevator buttons...ew)!

Step Five: KEEP YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM BUILT. You know your schedule is going to be busy and stress brings your immune system down! I always keep up my (Standard Process Immuplex) , diffuse (Doterra On Guard) and drink plenty of water!

Step Six: STUDY STUDY STUDY! Pick your favorite coffee shop and have study dates with friends! This also means staying organized!

Step Seven: GRAB COFFEE/TEA BEFORE LEAVING THE HOUSE. It saves you mucho money (Believe me it adds up)!

Step Eight: WEAR COMFY CLOTHES. You know you will resort to your workout clothes after the first week anyways, use them as motivation to hit the gym after! After sitting all day long, it's good to get your blood pumpin'!

Step Nine: TAKE THE STAIRS. Challenge yourself to walk the flights instead of taking the elevator! Your body will thank you later!

Step Ten: BREATHE. I do need to be reminded. Its not an easy job! I love having essential oils on hand and making time for myself to exercise and enjoy a breath of fresh air!


These steps sound so simple right?! They help me get through my semester and kick butt. Hope this helps as motivation to start your semester strong! :)

Backpack and pencil case- Target

Planner- The Daisy Shoppe

Outfit- Oakley







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