How He Asked!

November 21st, 2015

Standing cliff side the ocean, sunset gleaming, no one in sight. Here we are all dressed up ready for a nice dinner.

He was going to propose right now. He loves sunsets. This was it. I was sure of it! 

But as the sun slowely went down, so did my expectations.

Dang it.

(Girls, catch yourself doing this!?)

I picked my giddy smile off the floor and we headed to our 7 o clock reservation.

Aaron, being the gentlemen he is, let me choose the dinner place the weekend before to make up for all of the traveling that he had to do the week before.

Good thing he knew I loved the Montage because it was booked farther in advance than I chose it! 

In November the sunset leaves a chunk of night before 7 o clock so we had to stall with not much to do!

When we arrived at the Montage hotel, we took a walk around a bit and because it was cold I insisted that we check in early. (Aaron had planned for our friends Sarah and Scott to come at a certain time to take pictures and so I was already ruining the plan by insisting this) But he let me know that it was a crowded night and we won't get in earlier, so we found a fire pit so sit by and enjoy in the meantime.

645 rolls around and by this time I'm hard core insisting we check on the table, so we headed in. 

As soon as we enter, the hostess greets us with a subtle smile and, " Congratulations!" 

Congratulations? Am I missing something? I looked at Aaron confused and thought he might have told her we were celebrating an anniversary or birthday. Who doesn't love free dessert!? ;) 

We sat down at our two person table lining the dance floor. 

Aaron loves to watch live music and so I offered to switch him spots so that he has a good view of the guitarist. (little did I know he set the table up so he was facing the door to watch for Scott and Sarah's cue to take me to the dance floor. )*way to almost ruin it again Britney*

We ordered some wine and cheese and mid glass he lifted his head and asked me to dance.

(You're probably thinking about how romantic that is) 

I answered no. 

No one else is dancing and I need eighteen more glasses of wine for that. 

(We had been learning how to dance via YouTube and all I could think was what armatures we would be swaying to a guitar solo mid caviar and French baguette munching. )

After the 4th time asking,he grabbed my hand and pulled me to the dance floor with the biggest grin. 

Our eyes never left each other's gaze and I was hoping the food was more distracting that my two left feet.

Mid sway, his hands started shaking and his voice mumbled out of his lips, "I brought you here for more than wine and cheese"

Normally I would be thinking he was referring to dessert...but in this moment, I knew it. 


I blacked out.  

Every word that was emitted out of his mouth could have been in another language for all I know!

He got down on one knee asked me to marry him and immediately cried and jumped into his arms! I could barely breathe from overwhelming excitement! 

After unlatching, wiping the tears from my eyes and calming down, I peeked in the homemade box and slid on the most gorgeous ring I had ever seen in my life and of course answered him a million times yes!

 I peered over to the left near the flashes going off and saw both of our families standing there ready to celebrate with flowers in hand.

There were tears and lots of them. 

This night  was most special sweet surprise! 

I am more excited than words can express to marry this man!