The Best Holiday Cocktail Recipe Ever!


As much as I want to...I cannot take credit for this cocktail.

My dad is THE MAN, and he makes all things amazing.

SO... I am going to share with you, the most wonderful cocktail of the season that HE came up with himself! To make this cocktail, a gift in itself.

Your welcome.


Equal Parts Apple Juice & Cranberry Juice

3 Star Annis

2 Cinnamon Sticks

5 Cloves

One shot of Pinnacle (Whipped/ Vanilla or Cupcake)

One shot of Vodka (I used Boyd and Blair!)

One Capful of golsschlager (optional)


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Heat up the equal parts apple and cramberry juices and simmer on low along with star annis, cinnamon sticks and cloves for about 10 minutes.

Add in your Pinnacle, Titos and Goldschlager!

Drink up!



Photo by The Wooden Skillet!