Secrets on How to Keep Your Fiddle Leaf Fig Alive!

 Plants brighten up any space and add that spark of life into a home!

Sad that I've about killed about all of them.

It must be karma for all of the flowers I picked as a child just as a keen act of inhaling their scent.


 A fiddle leaf fig tree works really well as a trial run for any future family growing.

They really are tricky little dudes.

Before we decided that we were going to purchase such an expensive piece of photosynthesis, we had played back all of the horror stories that had been said from future owners.

Sound familar?!

After we both spent hours researching and talking to experts, we really did manage to get a routine that kept our little baby alive and thriving.

I'm hoping this puts me into candidacy for a puppy....

Soooooo here are a few EASY steps to make you a much better fiddle fig parent!


STEP 1: Name Your Fig.

No, I'm not kidding.

Making that personal connection with your new little guy dedicates you to him as an official member of the family.

He wants to get comfortable knowing you didn't just spend your whole weeks paycheck to treat him like the last goldfish you owned and watched flush down the toilet.

So Friends, meet Chip.

Step 2: Give Your Tree a Home.

Decorating your fiddle creates an inviting and aesthetically pleasing dress to your plant.

Although, it is safe to note that taking it out of its "not to pretty" pot, is not such a safe move.

Unless the pot that it was originally sold in does not have holes on the bottom.

Holes are important for the watering process.

Also, make sure you have enough space between the basket and the pot to easily access movement when its time to water and spin.

STEP 3: Shine Spray

Yes, it makes your plant look healthier, shinier, and more radiant. But, it actually is serving purpose.

Overtime, the fiddle leafs get covered in dust. We had dust on each leaf just in the first week of having him!

Dust acts as a layer of film blocking the sun from absorbing into the leaves! This spray also strengthens them providing sustainability.


Step 4: Mist the Leaves.

It is not crucial during cold seasons, but during warm and humid seasons we like to make sure to give it a little love so it can cool off.

Do not in any circumstance use tap water.

Use filtered water.

Don't have any? Leave tap water out overnight so it rids of the sulfates.

Step 5: Moisture Meter and Clear Saucer

Call this your best friend.

You will hear that it is best to water you fig when it feels dry on the top of the soil.


Deep down in its roots...its playing at wild rivers.

& doesn't want to drown.

Let it dry all the way out and hit the red section.

When it's red, take the pot out of the basket, grab a plastic saucer and head outside for a bath.

Fill up bowls with FILTERED WATER and soak its soil until it fills up the plastic saucer a bit. This way you know that the water has made its way to the lowest roots!

Take the pot out of the plastic saucer and set the fiddle in the shade for enough time to dry the plastic saucer out in the sunshine.

Once saucer dries, reassemble the plant and let it dry out all over again.

Sometimes it can be a couple months before needing to be watered.

Step 6: Place Your Tree in Indirect Sunlight

Set your plant up in a place where it is getting light from the sun but not pelting sunbeams.

Pretend it can get sun burnt. Its got sensitive skin.

Which brings me to the fact it needs to be spun.

Every so often, spin you fiddle pot a tad to make sure that its leafs all get a chance to feel the sunlight. Otherwise your fiddle will start growing sideways towards the sunshine in one direction.



Hope these tips help give some extra love to your little family plant!

Let me know how your fiddle journey is going!

Chip and I wish you luck!

Never Lose Your Shine,

xoxo Brit