Pressed Rose Jewelry Co.

It's not a matter of "if" I catch myself singing off tune to the radio, it's a matter of "how many times" a day. Sometimes, I even get out of the car still singing and it isn't until the nearest pedestrian gives me a funny look that I realize that Iam in public.

& my voice is no longer boxed in a vehicle... or even a bit necessary!


Do I have a purpose to this confession?


Im pretty dang good at memorizing lyrics.

However, it wasn't until my mom shared with me that Tim McGraw's, "Humble and Kind",  was her song to me that I actually deeply connected with the words I had been belting out in the car.

Every. Verse. Is magic.

Life isn't about what we can gain, it is about what we can give.

Don't forget how important it is to always be humble and kind. Kindness spreads like wildflowers.

& we need as much kindness as we do the pollen that creates that beauty in those hills (and pollutes our sinuses) this time of year!

So guys, I chose to have Pressed Rose Jewelry create this rose gold reminder to wear on my wrist. & I love it to pieces! Along with this bright gold wire wrapped crystal necklace that I find myself pairing with every outfit as a statement piece!

A huge thank you to Kelsey from Pressed Rose Jewelry for the collaboration!

To shop her beautiful handmade pieces: CLICK HERE! 

or visit her Instagram @pressed_rose_jewelry_co :)