My Road to Graduation

My dad had multiple conditions as to what it took to marry me.

It came a bit of a surprise to us both when we found out that one of them was, I graduate (finish) college before we say "i do."

School had been a long road for me.

I could almost hear the vocal backdrop of Spongebob Squarepants saying, "6 years lata" as I finished my last final.

Well, and a whole lot of cheering!

The last thing I wanted was a reason to put off our marriage for over a whole year.

But with one year left, I knew that I could grin and bare it and that time would fly.

...and so it did!

Those long hour car rides became perfect hours for worship, thanks and prayer.

Those endless hours of writing,....supported my passion for blogging.

Those countless number of times I found myself crying, showed me the amount of support that is around me.

Those faces I sat by daily, became inspiration to have a perfect attendance, social connections and even some close friends. 

Those teachers I disagreed with, gave me different perspective and challenged me.

Those mindless hours of studying became the perfect Starbucks date spots to support my tea and cake pop addiction.

& That piece of paper to show myself that I could conquer the world...

THAT, MY worth it all.

&&&&&&&&& I finished my degree a semester early by stacking max amount of classes (even in summer!) AND (happier ending)






Thank you Dad and Mom for putting me through college, pushing me and holding my hand. My love and appreciation for you is endless.

& to Aaron for being my backbone through it all as well!

For those who want to know, I graduated California State University Fullerton majoring in Sociology! 2017 :) Peace out!

Britney Egner