Underlining Truth About Social Media

Disclaimer: No filter here.

Like I ever have one.

Did you know that we "typically" spend 32 hours a week on television, 3 hours on movies, 4 hours on magazines and 10 hours online.

That is 10 hours 45 minutes a day on media!

Take that in for a second.

All of which delivers content that shapes our society and manipulates us by using widespread content bias. This got me thinking, how many hours roughly do I stare at a screen for entertainment? And what is that doing to my brain?

Way too many hours’ worth. & let’s be real, it would benefit me more to read a book.

During all of our mindless oblivion, blinking at the screen, our brain is under training exercises of pure image influence.  We are taught about what we should look like, act like, and altogether who we should be. Not to mention, women are portrayed as all body and no brain in the media.

& we wonder why our confidence is challenged!?

...65% of teen girls have eating disorders, and depression has doubled from 2000 just to 2010. The pressure to conform is all too common and prevails in every aspect of our culture.

Are we sure Mars is uninhabitable? 

Through social media, we end up using comparison to a digitally altered quite impossible standard that is PHYSICALLY UNATTAINABLE. Teen girls are struggling for body dysmorphia making even thin people view themselves as overweight due to the comparison to the woman displayed on social media. &&& sadly, the media sees the same body types as profitable.

Sex sells, people.

The advertising business spent $235.6 billion dollars in 2009 alone; all to cultivate what becomes manipulative to our own self-image. 

& we wonder why we can never find contentment with what the mirror offers us.

what in the world do we do?


We are used to running on adrenaline and lattes.

Don't lie, you grab your phone even while driving for distraction.

& MIGHT even carry a camera to get the perfect inta-shot for "likes" only to realize it is equivalent to tossing around monopoly money.

Without realizing it, we have allowed the world to let us know what EVERY aspect of our lives should look like.


You are not meant to be perfect.

The perfectly constructed magazine friendly life is does not equal happiness.

Give yourself permission to slow down.

Accept living in the moment and soak in the elements around you.


Perception is a game changer.

& so are you.

"Do not be conformed to this world, but continuously be transformed by the renewing of your minds so that you at be able to determine what God's will is- what is proper , pleasing, and perfect." Romans 12:2

You are beautiful!

You are worthy.

You are loved!

& YOU are perfect exactly how you are!


Statistics derived from documentary: MissRepresented.