The Relationship Game- Our Advice

Is it just me, or does social media cross the T's and dot the I's of the majority of people's cookie cutter lives.

Don't let it fool you, there are rainy days and lots of VSCO filtering!

Lately we are facing one question in particular that seems to be the ongoing question of the season:  "Hows the married life?"

Makes sense, we just walked down the isle months ago!

My answer: It's amazing and my husband is my literal knight in shining armor. But, I'm going to get real with you guys. Life is like a puzzle. It's messy and you are sometimes left picking up all of the pieces. 

We have read every book out there on marriage, and I would be happy to recommend them all, but in marriage there is really not a book you can follow that teaches the perfect relationship. 

When we were in pre-marital counseling (which I would totally recommend!) we were asked the question: If you were stuck in a room with your significant other and there are  no windows or doors and a fire started, what would you do? 

My initial reaction was to run to Aaron to see what he would do and follow him... his was to cover me and pray.

Then the second question was: If you were in a room now WITH windows and doors and a fire started, what would you do?

My answer was the same. Aarons however was to jump out of the window with me. 

The correct answer... put the fire out. 

WHAT?! Why did we not think of that?! 

Not many people now- a- days do. 

When a argument sparks or you find your relationship/ marriage having issues (fire) you don't think to fix it (put it out) you think of where the closest exit is (divorce)! 

SOOOOO Aaron and I got into a little argument while we were traveling, I decided to give him a little space and after a few minutes when I muscled up enough confidence to say sorry, I peered out of the room and noticed he had started quite the project.

A 1000 piece puzzle.

I wanted to say sorry, I did WANT to..but have you ever played tug a war with a dog?

It felt like that. 

I moved in his direction and started putting the scattered puzzle pieces together with him. We were both silent and didn't say one word. 

What felt like hours went by, and we stepped back and saw completion in our work.

We both smiled, and for the rest of the night didn't say one word to each other, but saw beautiful acquisition.

By the end of the night we were taught a lesson: When all the pieces fall apart, it takes both sides working together in order to accomplish the end goal.

Realistically, when they lose too.

We don't have it all together, but we sure as heck make sure to pick up pieces to help see the beauty in one another and the masterpiece we are together.

& in the end, our pieces always fit back together.


Photography by: @juliannamariee_