Some MAJOR Bridal Shower Inspo!

Soooo one of my best friend's is getting married.

(This is where I would pause with eyes clinched shut and a huge smile ....and make an obnoxiously high pitch squealing noise)

Yes, I am that friend that squeezes you to tight until your uncomfortable. Excitement is an understatement.

Her bridal shower was one out of a magazine, so THANK THE LORD I brought my camera...(!!!)

& I am just sayin'...if you are looking for some bridal shower tips.. you are very welcome ahead of time ;)

So there is a couple things I would like to share about Kylee:

  • She is a real life sunshine Barbie who cares less about fashion then anyone I know but can pull off anything and everything that is put on her body. (Her dress can be found here!)


  • You can't get mad at her if you tried, it's too stinkin' hard.


  • She has exquisite taste when choosing bridesmaids (totally not bias on that one) ;)


  • She carries sand wherever she goes because she most likely just left the beach and make the best food and even better cupcakes. (She is the owner of Black Sheep Sweets) AND they are dangerously good. (PEACH CHAI!?)


  • She is the biggest goofball I know and there is a 110% chance she will make you both laugh and snort in one setting.


  • I could go without talking to her for months and still feel like we just talked yesterday.


  • She is always a phone call away from telling you to come over and have wine.


  • && she pretty much emulates her dog Jessee. Golden Retriever. (Best dog ever?) You get my gist!?

So without any further ado... step into her fairy tale day celebrating the wonderful woman that she is to us and her FUTURE HUBBY!


Peach and strawberry gelato and white chocolate and cookie!

Peach and strawberry gelato and white chocolate and cookie!

Each of us wrote a "wish" for the bride!

Each of us wrote a "wish" for the bride!



If you are interested in any of the planning ,decorating, or floral's contact me for more information- I would be more than happy to direct you! :)