New Aspiration: Living Simply (Welcome to our little Home!)

We are made to be simple beings. 

But we just love to create CHAOS. 

Iv'e missed my last 4 dentist appointments due to over scheduling myself. 

Poor teeth. 

So this month, I dedicated to cleansing. 

Not only watching what I put in and on my body, but cleansing my mind as well. 

In other words, letting go! 

It creates a less of a need to hold onto things and more of a need to cling to Jesus. 

As for me, I would consider myself an over-thinker, over-analyzer,  and over-reacter...

AND am way over it. 

Sound familiar?! 

Aaron inspires me to let go and let God daily with his easy going way of life and his uncanny ability to give everything to Jesus. 

I want some of that! 

So if you are with me, I am going to challenge you to try to dedicate this month to let go and let God in order to enjoy more of a simple and FREE lifestyle! 

Hand it all over, babe! 


Photography by: Julianna Whipple @juliannamariee_