Summertime Vibin'- Beat the heat in STYLE with these TEA recipes!

Summer is a perfect time to splurge on a new suit, hat and pair of cute sunnies. But EVERY summer has a staple.

You know what I am talking about.

That one outfit you wear 12 times a week?! (Exaggerative-YES-but really though)

My 2017 staples this summer other than trying to drink a crap load of WATER are:

  • Off the shoulder tops
  • Good pair of rolled/frayed jean shorts
  • TEA.


SO quick update:

Guys, I decided I am a tea girl!

It was kind of a sad moment...

Because the ambiance of sitting down with a cup of coffee is more magical than Disneyland.

Unfortunately, after I have coffee, I might as well have been on an upside-down rollercoaster ride for 10 minutes straight.

I would get really jittery and have anxiety and brain fog mainly due to my adrenals not being able to take the hit. SOOO tea is my summer jam!

& I can dig!

My favorite iced tea's to make and bring to the beach right now:

Tropical Green Tea with pineapple

Herbal Teas with muddled berries/figs

Black Tea with lemon and orange

Also HERE are some of my favorite infused detox waters for the summer!

I just "turned the comments ON" on the bottom of the posts! So they will be that way from now on! 

I would love to hear from you!

What are your favorite teas?!


Outfit: Dainty Hooligan @shopdaintyhooligan

Photography: Julianna Whipple @Juliannamariee_

Tea: Zinc Cafe Laguna Beach (so cute!)