Flea Market Finds- What I bought and how I styled it!

Growing up…

My shoes would be telling lies if they said my socks ever matched.

I was told countless amount of times by my mother that I look homeless because I didn't brush my hair.

I don't know how many pieces of paper that was unwillingly sacrificed as daily art projects.

I would never actually admit how many times I wore my Pocahontas dress and strappy sandals.

I rocked glued phalanges and markered hands daily.

Pretended I was a fashion designer all the while spending to much money on half- finished sewing projects.

Once wore an outfit emulating every color of the rainbow- on purpose.

& even got grounded for not listening to advice to stop experimenting with white eye-shadow.

But there is not one day that I have ever cared to change my perspective on how I perceive being creative.

Creativity is an outlet. You being you, and being the best you, you could be. You are the you-est you that there is. And you're awesome.

Now, I am willing to admit that my dad knows to always ask me what my opinion of his outfit is (when my mom tells him to change)- BECAUSE he knows that I'll throw up a Shaka sign and a wink at the sight of any wild idea.

TRUTH IS: The opposite way of the crowd is where the party is. And what better way to express creativity than to make life your own art project.

For as many art projects that I have had in my lifetime, I have never had more fun than I have had decorating my biggest white canvas yet- our little home.

It all started with a brown couch that I had no say in.

& ended with a really big heart for that dang thing that starting our family decor clan.

Welcome to our little apartment where we sacrifice no style for the amount of space available and name almost every entity we take home.

This is our weekend adventure mixed with MY vision and MY story.

Welcome in.