The Ultimate Guide Around the Abaco Islands!

The Caribbean is a long ways from home for a California girl, but the Great Abaco Islands got me feeling all sorts of home.

With Air bnb, you win some and you lose some. You know, like that Tinder date that lied about his height.

Thankfully, Casa Tortuga left us thoroughly impressed!

I don't know about you , but I think home where the white flour like sand sticks to your bronzed beachy legs, the toasty sun and clear blue water work in unison magnifying the tiny translucent guppy friends stealing kisses from your skin,  a warm bright colorful spacious beach house with a comfy cozy feel and sweetest hosts of precious pups AND...

No wi-fi.


Talk about leaving behind frantic for a more simple and soulful way of living.

Just what the doctor ordered!

In the Great Abaco is slow. When people means they are waving and passing around your 6 mph golf cart NOT that they wish your car drove off a cliff.

There is trust between neighbors. When your fins fall off of your golf cart, the gardener is hanging around to pick them up and drop them off at your house the next day NOT sell them on Craigslist.

When you pour yourself a nice slush pina colada and want to drive your cart to the beach to enjoy it, the gate guard is stopping your cart to ask to be in a photo NOT to give you a ticket that costs your life savings.

Lobster dinner costs only a day of spear fishing in warm clear water splashing around with fish!

I miss it already.

The thunderstorms rage so loud you feel the power of God.

& Starbucks Coffee shops are as abundant as the stop lights... there are none.

We came to relax and let go stresses...

& left with a face full of sun kissed freckles, a handful of shells, a belly full of too may pb and j's , a clear calm mind, dreams of taking home the two dogs that accompanied us to the beach everyday, proof that we are moving in to fast of a pace, and memories of good laughs and great times!


  • Cafe de Florence for breakfast sandwiches
  • Coco's Bar for "Veola's" Pina Coladas
  • Pizza Night at The Tipsy Seagull
  • Sunset at The Public Beach
  • Rent a boat and travel to Pig Island
  • Guava Duff from Creative Hands (omg.)
  • Nippers Island Pig Roast Party
  • The point beach where you can walk all the way to another island and collect shells
  • Visit the beach off of the abandoned development where there are no people, just palapas!
  • The Blue Hole is a car ride into a forest where you can rope swing into a pool of water
  • Saturday night live music at Coco's
  • In town, they have the best burgers at Golden Grouper!
  • & Casa Tortuga for the sweetest and most helpful family stay! Thanks Sue & Andy!

Sue and Andy were just a text away from anything that we needed! They were so extremely helpful and we felt like we were best friends with their family just by talking on the phone! (so rare on air bnb!)The house is bright and airy and sooo much bigger than it looks online! They have the sweetest neighborhood dogs that accompanied us to the beach everyday and I fell completely in love with them. The house is stocked with top tier amenities and everything you need while you are on vacation and the rooms and beds are cozy and comfortable.It is steps from the beach and in the perfect location for everything you would want to do on the island.   I would recommend this whole vacation 100%!

You can visit where we stayed in Casa Tortuga! CLICK HERE!

Hope this adds a lil bit of sunshine!

Humid morning runs that make you feel like superman!

Want a coconut? Grab it from a tree!

The Public Beach 

Freshly caught Lobster!

My little Sweetheart, Brownie!

Conch caught right off shore! Tastes just like scallops!

Homemade Conch chowder made New England Style with lobster and fish!

Yep, flat out for pot holes!

Guava Duff dessert that comes with the most amazing sauce. I have never had anything better in my life. We ate this for dessert EVERY NIGHT.