Our NEW PUPPY! Sharing our tips for your little family!

 #BUSY is the only excuse I have for you for being so MIA on the blog!


But I'm back to say that I have the best and cutest news ever! 


Aaron finally talked me into getting a dog!


Haha jk. I talked him into it! 


I've only been dreaming of getting a furry friend for ages, and now that we are settled in, almost married for a year now and have a built in babysitter down the street, we figured that making our family a half of a bit bigger would bring even more joy than our 50 plants! 

I should apologize in advance to my succulents because spraying them has been and will be even more now of a lost cause. 


She is Gods gift. 


But let's talk about real life.


The first night she came home with us- let's just say...I've never seen bags under my eyes until that next day. Not designer bags- the Bags that you can't cover with makeup! 


...We have lost hours of sleep, scrubbed carpet, "suffered" from tiny teeth wounds, lost an eminence amount of split ends due to sneak attack hair pulls, made sure to know all that we can about this babe in spare time researching, carry around a legit diaper bag with babes stuff, and kept track of food schedules in which I haven't even been able to meal prep for myself and missed multiple exersize classes to stare at a lil sleeping beaut. BUT I wouldn't change it for the world! 




I'm proud of us. And can't wait to see our little babe grow into a bigger pup!

So far- I've got more than a dozen people messaging me just on insta what she is, wondering where I got her and just simple- I'm getting one soon ...AND obvi how cute she is!

Amen sista from another mista! She is an angel! But here are some things to keep in mind before and after you get one!! (Some great and some horrid)

She is 8 weeks old. 

She is a maltipoo.

She is from Craigslist. 


Yes. She is healthy- had worms but got doctors bills to fix that (we will talk about that later!)

My mom got a black maltipoo from a different breeder. IT CAME WITH THIS: 



Those are dog ticks!!! It takes ticks weeks to get that big- and it just makes me want to run into that persons house and have a baseball bat in hand. For that reason- I would not recommend Craigslist unless going to their house (we met halfway for both) and checking the environment and the dog thoroughly. (he has a doctors visit asap and they got a couple out themselves!) HOWEVER- I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND ADOPTING FROM A SHELTER and saving a life over a craigslist pup!

Here are some of our tips:



We don't discipline yet- they are growing trust in you, so don't ruin that by yelling and saying no the first week! Just gently move them from what they are doing wrong or give them a toy to chew on instead of your Gucci stellettos. (Like I own those!) we are now getting into week two soon and will be using mini tiny treats to insure she knows her name! Then sit, stay etc. 



Feed them 3 to 4 times a day. 1/3 a cup 3 times works for us- but we are still finding rhythm. Ween them off of wet and onto dry- so they don't feel spoiled and decide you have to go the extra mile for them forever! It's good to keep food frequent so they don't get hypoglycemia---they can legit die in their sleep. so scary!

Water is always on hand- although we take it away an hour before bedtime!

Organic pure Pumpkin is a good additive to their food for texture and stomach aiding (add a tablespoon)

Goats milk helps with probiotic if they are having tummy issues (her tummy is doing much better after deworming and so we haven't had to do that!)

No human food!!! Unless you are making all of the food yourself because you are super human. If you look up videos on what your dog food is made of... you will probably throw up. soooo make sure you pick a good healthy brand!

WHAT BRAND?? Go with no grain. And don't go cheap....!!! Purina puppy chow was what she was on and her tummy was NOT ok!! So we use this brand: Its actually not too pricy!




Toys are key- they play... and play again! 

We did a soft animal, a rope, a teething toy, shoe laces, a cat toy (because it was cute!) and a big soft comfort animal so she can cuddle in her bed! (Stay away from hard bones because they can break their teeth and soft bones because it will be too much for their sensitive tummies to eat!)


You can't just leave them home alone or in their crate for hours. It's pure torture. They will not go to the bathroom in it because it's their sleeping place so they will hold it and get sick/ bladder infections. Puppies need to be played with and taken to the bathroom all the time- especially RIGHT after they eat to avoid accidents :) When we leave, we have my mom take care of her!


We are crate training- we didn't want to...but our pen that we made....turned into an escape mechanism and caused a riot. Soooo she feels safer and more secure with the crate. Get a tiny one that isn't too much room for them. Add a blanket and a thin mattress for support and comfort. Add a towel over the front ( I don't cover the sides where there is tiny holes so there is still fresh air) just so they feel more enclosed....we take her out about every 1-2 hours right now. She will lightly whimper and we take her out to he grass and she goes, then back to th crate and she is silent and sleeps for a good while! 

(we woke up to her wagging her tail by our bed because she SOMEHOW fit through that hole!? how?!) hahahah so crate it is!


Brush them all the time. Not only on their hair...but teeth too!! A tiny brush works perfect. Just to get them used to it because tiny dogs do have teeth issues and it can range around 2000$ to pull teeth. Ive been recommended brushing the teeth with coconut oil to start! (but i haven't yet!) So babes....get brushin!

We use this shampoo (it's gentle, natural and smells like Hawaii!) 




Doggy parks are a no-go as well as having them around other dogs- they can pick up diseases that other older dogs are immune to and carry or even a dog park may carry. We make sure to carry her in our arms everywhere and be selective on where she goes!


They are not cheap! Don't expect to get a pup and it be a walk in the park- financially! Keep in mind that you pup is going to keep multiple rounds of vaccinations and de-worming- food, toys, crate or pen, grooming/teeth, doctors visits etc.) it gets expensive!!

I hope that this is helpful and I would love to hear if any of this stood out to you in the comments below! :)