The Best Convertible Hobo Backpack-that has my Back!

Why is it that when you have a little purse, you tend to pack just a few little knick-knacks and your good to go.

But, once you get a larger sized purse you all the sudden have 10 times the amount of things that you CANNOT live without packing in there.

I like to call my large purses, mom purses. Mainly because you can ask me for gum and I can offer you 5 flavors, Listerine and a collection of Altoids.

And if I ever decide to clean anything out, I all the sudden need it that day.


So, because my mom purse is packed with anything and everything to last me through a week in the Sahara desert, my shoulder is crying for help.

This is one of the reasons why this Blaze backpack has become my go to babe.

I have access to everything I need and its COMFORTABLY fit as a purse OR on heavier days, converts to a backpack!

The fact that its super cute AND works great as a perfect blogger travel bag (yes, it fits my camera and accessories),... is a HUGE plus!