The Cutest Little Leather Backpack- Hobo Bag

Backpacks are a major staple in the Krempasky household. Aaron works for a company that keeps him stocked with the coolest and most useful backpacks I have ever seen, so you could call us backpack snobs. 

However, when I received my Hobo Revel backpack,... It quickly became my favorite child!

This little bag was my ultimate traveling partner throughout Zion. + Aaron,...was no longer an essential.

I'm kidding.

But my hiking checklist was CONCURRED: charging cord, a portable charger, chapstick, protein bars, apple, folded hat, phone, water, hand sanitizer, moisturizing lotion, cleansing wipes, Go Pro and sunscreen. ALL in one cute little leather package.

Function without any sacrifice in fashion. 

That's what its all about.

Little, light, leather and totally loved. Thanks Hobo.



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