Zion National Park Wedding Inspiration

I believe life should be lived on the edge!

Unless we are talking heights.

Everything I touch explodes- Everything.

I find myself constantly taking an extra step down the stairs after the last step already has ended.

And would be the first one to tell you that I am the farthest thing from graceful.

So, standing on the edge of a cliff high enough to prove pigs can fly, in a silky dress and strong winds…sounds like a safe bet to me.

(Insert Awkward Pause)

Basically, all I could do is picture Aaron and I playing slip and slide with the Zion roughs.

But the wild flower in me, took a deep breath and lasted about 10 minutes before the panic attack set in! (ha!)

I am happy to report that we made it out alive and I am currently writing this blog post more than 30,000 feet up in the air. Peanuts in hand peering out the window to find that all this earth is made up of tiny geometric shapes.

And praying with high hopes that this turbulence takes a chill pill. haha!

Thank God I have his hand to hold. Now. AND forever ;)

I loved getting married to this man! And also recreating the day in a different way over and over!

Welcome to Zion National Park with the wonderful, Christine Ta. @forloveandlight



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Wedding dress details: @dreamersandloversl_

Photographer: @forloveandlight