My Favorite Pregnancy Must-Haves


I didnt know what I was getting into when I first became pregnant. I always dreamt of being pregnant and of course having kids, but really didn’t know a thing about it.

Sickness? Pshhh…bed rest, movies, and popsicle with a stomach ache. Whatever. YOU HAVE A CUTE BUMP AND A BABY!

NO. Talk about not wanting to go to sleep because you dont want to wake up and do it over again!

I laugh now because its now only beautiful!

It took me to the 14th week to start feeling normal again, with the occasional, “babe pull over…i need to find a bush!”

so glamorous.

Because morning sickness is so dang HARD and there is nothing that worked for me other than sleep and carbs. I have little advice. I just lived on applying peppermint and lavender to my temples and under my nose and smelled lemon essential oil whenever i got nauseous! I also took b6 which I cannot recommend enough! I linked that below ;) Just do your best babe, you got this! Call me if you need a smoothie!

So today, I will share the things that I do LOVE that are worth your while no matter how far along you are!

Nothing is sponsored and everything is soooo necessary! I love sharing these things with you guys because I went in so clueless and had advice along the way as well as found what worked for me so I hope this helps you on your journey!

I made everything easy to purchase by linking them so you can click and buy! Everything I have linked, I HAVE AND I LOVE! Everything you buy, helps support me and my blog and costs you NOTHING extra (: So thank you so much for your support and I hope that this helps you as much as it did me!



All Hail the Perfect Legging

Perfect for not only working out, but everyday. I do not have another pair and have yet to fall in love with anything other than these. They are like heavenly butter that sit at the perfect spot high on your stomach with no tight squeeze and they totally make your butt look aaaamazing. You will live in these throughout your whole pregnancy. You’re welcome. I sized up to a medium when i usually would be small because i wanted to be able to grow comfortably with my little girl!

The Ultimate Skin Helper

Pregnancy does what it does to your face. (UGH!) Thank you hormones. So it is best to keep your skin hydrated and clean to help as much as we can! I looove this mini facial before bed because it freshens my skin, gives it a pretty glow and helps extract any unwanted blackheads! (It comes with tools to help extract!) I ALSO have to worlds driest lips and one session in front of the steam leaves them nice and moisturized! I finish with my normal routine of natural products and lastly use this BIO OIL. (BELOW) If you guys want a full routine let me know!

A million in One Oil

This oil is a new love of my life. It is so hydrating and helps even skin tone in your face but also it wonderful for stretch marks on your body. So basically you bath in it! By that I mean, just use it from head to toe. I would start using it ASAP because why not?! I use the bio oil at night before bed as a moisturizer for my face and body. I am prone to stretch marks and got them on my chest while taking birth control when I was younger, so having no stretch marks appear- says something. It smells yum and natural too! (And like I said, I use this at night and (THAT v in the morning)

Stretch Mark Specific Lotion

Speaking of stretch marks…this is considered the stretch mark master. This is what I was MOST recommended and I use this every morning on my body! The best part is that it supports a bunch of skin issues and is sooo reasonably priced too!

A Cozy Robe

I live in cozy robes! It might be because I more now than ever love being cozy. LIKE SERIOUSLY COZY. Probably because I feel like coming home from a busy day it creates a “slow down” mind set to give baby rest. Its a must have!

Pregnancy Pillow

What is that?! UM… The best invention ever! Aaron got this for me for Christmas and I was all heart eyes! It aligns the hips and helps with my sciatica problems that were reoccurring! It also creates a little cocoon around you and makes you feel all cozy and safe! I am obsessed!

Natural Face Mist

This mist smells sooo dang delicious and I was recommended it from an esctetician! It is just a hydrating mist that leaves your skin feeling refrshed and IS FREE OF ALL THE CRAP! I dont know if it is pregnancy or because its winter, but my skin needs that extra umph throughout the day!

Pregnancy Jeans

Dont skimp out- you know you want to! BUT DONT! haha they have saved my life having a growing bump! I was struggle city trying to make shirts work with jeans and well…these are a def must!

Preggo Candies

I was just recommended these for something to suck on when having morning sickness from a friend who loves them! Im usually not one to recommend sugar buuuuuuut being in the state of sickness, you really do anything to get by! And let me tell you, they TASTE AMAZING! They are mainly a candy, but have a lil bit of B6 making them so much more justifiable to eat all day! ;p Also, ginger chews because they rock!

Honeybush Tea

Tea that is preggo safe is so hard to find now a days and I love being able to enjoy a warm cup of tea especially one without caffine at night! and YES i have done the research for you! “Yes! It is safe to enjoy drinking rooibos and honeybush tea while you are expecting. In fact, the mineral and antioxidant content of the tea makes it a brilliant option for pregnant women. The herbal tea is one of the safest and healthiest alternatives to regular tea.”- google You need this!

Silk/Satin Pillow Case

This I have been wanting forever. When Christmas came around, I added it to the top of my list! If your currently pregnant, you know how much sleep you miss just from being uncomfotable, so this pillow case makes me melt into my bed and it is basically heaven with antianging benefits that also doubles as a hair perfecter. YES AND YES.

Vitamins Vitamins Vitamins

Your babe needs them! & There are so many out there. So many artificial ingredients and so much crap and sugar added to basic store brands. Because I am a freak about vitamins and because I have lived out and always believed in this trustworthy and 100% natural brand I will preach it on the mountain! Working in the health industry for years and being educated about this brand has me raving. I have never been able to recommend this brand because you had to get it through a doctor! But now, it has become readily available online! YAY! I feel sooo comfortable with this brand and if you are searching aisles, dont ! order these! Linium B6 is a great B6 AND Catalyn/ E-Poise are great multivitamins! They also have a great Vitamin C for skin and immune support (: IT IS WORTH THE PRICE because your baby is getting the best!

Wishing and praying for the best pregnancy for you!