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7 Hello’s.

I had received 7 Hello’s on one thread via Facebook messenger over a 3 year span.

To me, I had not been a fan of responding to any guy via any kind of social media!

Don’t get me wrong, I knew WHO he was. He was the older hot baseball player in high school. The one Greek god of a man that was a stud at football. If I had any wild guess, he was a catch! But, nah. Not social media.

Years later, I had sat at the top of a stair case and prayed. I let God know I was ready. Ready for my husband. I was willing to wait. Willing to take life slower.

THEN, I ran into him.

Mr Social Media. Greek god hot baseball player. Stud football star.

Not once. but multiple times in different locations in the same time frame.

The next Hello via Facebook message…finally got us talking!

+ Here we are creating this beautiful life. Together.

HE was my happiest Hello.

Photography by: Christina Gipe - email: christinagipe@gmail.com