Another Reason to Smile- Smile Brilliant Toothbrush Giveaway!


Why wear a smile?!

Your smile is one of your biggest strengths.

Smiling at someone has the ability to brighten their day, change their mood and be be sunshine that they may have needed. 

Putting a smile on your face, naturally tells your brain that it is happy! Smiling tricks your body into releasing endorphins such as dopamine and producing happiness! 

And adding a smile, is where you find the best version of yourself.

So smile. Smile confidently, …smile BRILLIANTLY!


Another reason to smile?

I have found the perfect toothbrush. I’m going to be honest with you. I have never seen an electric toothbrush as a necessity, I have I always opted for the regular brushes.

Whats the difference?! Right?!

But you guys, that was UNTIL I tried THIS toothbrush.

I am giving you the whole honest truth when I say that this is a game and life changer.


You brush your teeth at least twice a day! So this is an everyday THING! I have never felt a better, cleaner feeling than brushing my teeth with this toothbrush! It leaves your mouth feeling like you just got out of an hour cleaning session in the dentist office. I now get excited to brush my teeth!

And I am not exaggerating!

My smile is my identity, and I love how this toothbrush gives it the attention it needs to shine!


What are the benefits of using a good toothbrush?!

Everything that gets put into your mouth get digested by your stomach right?!

All of the plaque, bacteria and germs (ew) they do too. They go straight to your gut.

Your gut is the brain of your body.

Healthy teeth and gums are key in keeping a healthy body, so it is so important to get yourself a good toothbrush that gets the job done!


Why a Cari Pro ?!

This toothbrush is amazing. It not only is reasonably priced, but it comes with all the goods.

A waterproof electric toothbrush., charger, two heads and 5 different settings! (CLEAN, WHITE, MASSAGE, GUM CARE, SENSITIVE)

Its head is small which makes it easily manageable to get in ALL of the places.

It can stay charged for 30 days without the charger!

And it lets you know when it has been 2 minutes so you can keep track of how long you are brushing.


It gives off the most incredible clean and sparkle.

That’s a reason to smile more.

Want to win your own?!

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