The Perfect Maternity/ Non maternity Outfit for Spring!

Springtime is simply, my favorite.

Especially being pregnant!

I love how its not to hot (hello swelling in the heat!) and its warm enough to throw on a cute little springtime dress and a denim jacket with some vans.

This is my go-to outfit that I would choose to wear EVERYDAY…if it were socially exceptable to do so.

I got so many compliments on this dress that I had to share it with you guys, and the reason I love it even more is because it fits with my third timester bump!

I had a friend with a teeny bump try it on and a size large fit her little bump and my big one! After baby this will be a good go to item as well because its not super tight on the stomach and its defineitly breastfeeding friendly!

If you are not pregnant, I would go with your normal size! Mine would normally be a small (:

It has some cutie bow ties on the shoulders that easily untie as well as buttons!

You need this. I promise.


Shop this look below!

Just simple click the image (: