33 Week Baby Update and Maternity Dresses

Today, I heard a song for the first time and was hit by the lyrics so hard!

“Let your hope be my breath.

Let your voice be my song.

Let your peace be my rest.

I was made to belong..belong to you.”
— Aaron Shust (Belong)

I could not have chosen a more accurate song to describe my journey.

                            What about you?! 

Baby Update:

Selah was measuring tiny. Sure that is normal…but her marginal velamentous umbilical cord insertion had the doctors dub me higher risk. Also the placenta was blocking her way out! When I asked about a normal birth plan without c-section they clenched their teeth and shrugged shoulders. The cord meant she could have a hard time getting nutrients and have growth problems. So I was high enough to demand extra visits and recently  have me coming 2 days a week to monitor her heart, contractions and growth…small contractions were coming too soonn…AND was put on small bedrest…

Is that scary? I could be! For someone that is a anxiety prone person….like ME. Haha but somehow...just somehow Jesus gave me all I needed to be a new worry free mama!

He gave me hope in the future and calmed my heart. (Let your hope be my breath)

We named her Selah Rayne…which I recently noticed ALSO translated into “Pause and reflect”  my “Song” (Let your voice be my song)

I prayed continuously for peace that he was so faithful to bring. Speaking through books, people and prayer. (Let your peace be my rest)

(I was made to belong to you.) I do. She does. Why fear?! AND


For an update WITHOUT the medication recommended and using only natural supplements...BECAUSE IM CRUNCHY AND FULLY BELIEVE IN MUSCLE TESTING TO ASK OUR BODIES WHAT IT NEEDS AND THE NATURAL ABILITY OF OUR BODIES! (that had to be in caps because I believe so strongly hahaha)

I took calcium magnesium in higher doses to ease any contractions that “may” have been occurring or... have been caused by (cough cough) the probe going up my...and checking my cervix. Haha there was a pattern of no contractions when they didn’t do that!   

Baby is at normal growth rate.

My placenta has MOVED giving me the ability to have vaginal birth. YES JESUS!

My lil warriors heart is strong.
Her head is down!

My cervix is stable. Thank you Natural supps!! (Because I wasn’t good at bed rest)

Im now at a considerably high chance for full term birth.


10 Things:

  1. I am officially nicknamed by my husband “Big mama” at least he says with a cute little smile. haha this belly is getting huge!

  2. Her nursery is almost completely finished yay!

  3. I am proud of my body and what it can do…its unbelievable. And I hope I get my abs back hahaha

  4. Baby dances when I pray in the morning and always does something really funny when someone comes and talks to her up close!

  5. Im feelin it…being pregnant is hard. Peeing every 6 minutes and super hard to sleep on my sides because I just wanna sleep on my stomach and she doesnt like sides. Walking is painful after a certain amount of time and my rings dont fit…im a swollen mess. soooo much water retention… Ha oh man.

  6. I am giddy to see Aaron as a daddy! So excited!

  7. Nala is already jealous of Selah’s room so I got her a fuzzy pillow designated for her!

  8. Every weekend we have been nesting together getting this house all set and ready BUSY BEES ALWAYS 

  9. I have craved salty spicy and sugar be whole time...This week I want anything creamy!!! Like mayo based foods. SO WEIRD. HAHAH

  10. She hates ultrasounds and turns away from them making it so hard to see her face! She also runs into my rib cage when we monitor her...it’s probably radiating heat...makes me so sad! Combo of strong willed, sensitive and stubborn....she has so much of her mama in her already!

33 weeks and going strong! Thank you for all of your continued prayers and support!



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20190323-Britney-Aaron-Maternity - 01.jpg
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SIZING: I am usually a small being pregnant I did….

Pink toule dress: size medium

Pink floral dress: size medium

Grey Maxi: size large

Photography: Jason Huang