Nursery Reveal

We lived in an ONE bedroom apartment in Southern California and the housing market was at the top of where its ever been.

We were newly pregnant and I was everyday dreaming of the day that I would get to decorate white walls with little pieces for my sweet baby. Something that seemed hard to reach.

SO I put Jesus to work.

I grabbed a thick white paper and started growing a dream board with Jesus!

Printing and cutting out pictures of the things I dreamed to happen that year…daily looking at it on my bedroom wall and praying over each one.

That year we purchased a house. In Southern California by the beach with the perfect white walls I was dreaming of.

Jesus wants us to dream with him. To go through life side by side with visions that our heart speaks of and bless us with our hearts desires!

So here I am.

Looking at one of the blessings that Jesus and I worked at and put so much love into.

I hope this inspires you to create a dream board of your own!

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