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Zion National Park Wedding Inspiration

I kinda live my life on the edge.

Unless we are talking heights.

Everything I touch explodes- Everything.

I find myself constantly taking an extra step down the stairs after the last step already has ended.

And would be the first one to tell you that I am the farthest thing from graceful.

So, standing on the edge of a cliff high enough to prove pigs can fly, in a silky dress and strong winds…sounds like a safe bet to me.

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What's New?!

This Christmas is Aaron and I's first Christmas together as a married couple! We got a mini tree perfect for moving (because we are out of our place in 4 days!) & I LOVE IT SO MUCH! It is way too precious! However I am loving all of these dreamy "Charley Brown" style trees that people are posting!

We are also halfway in boxes to our noses and are so excited for a new adventure coming up!

But girls---I have something really exciting to announce:

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Some MAJOR Bridal Shower Inspo!

Soooo one of my best friend's is getting married.

(This is where I would pause with eyes clinched shut and a huge smile ....and make an obnoxiously high pitch squealing noise)

Yes, I am that friend that squeezes you too tight until your uncomfortable. Excitement is an understatement.

Her bridal shower was one out of a magazine, so THANK THE LORD I brought my camera...(!!!)

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Our Wedding Day!

Reminiscing over this day gives me all the feels all over again. Goosebumps. People always ask, how did it go?! & there is literally not one complaint. Not ONE. I have dreamt of this fairy-tale day walking down the aisle to my prince ever since I was born. You think I'm exaggerating? Not only did my father call me princess and set the standard at an all time high. But, I asked for a wedding dress as soon as Santa was taking lists in the mail.

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